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Wellesbourne Management and Investment Board

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Restricted Area for Members of the Wellesbourne Management and Investment Board

Membership 2022/23

Vice President, National and Regional Engagement (Chair)

Professor Simon Swain

Independent Member of Council

Bal Claire

Director of Development, Wellesbourne Campus

Martin Yardley

Director of Estates

James Breckon

Deputy Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Regional)

Professor Nigel Driffield

Vice-Provost, Chair of the Board of the Faculty of Science, Engineering and Medicine

Professor Lorenzo Frigerio
Head of School of Life Sciences

Professor Miriam Gifford

Head of Strategic Business Development, Wellesbourne Campus (Secretary)

Dr Debbie Girdlestone

Director of Corporate Finance

Jenny Greenway

Director for Industrial Engagement, WMG and CEO of High-Value Manufacturing Catapult

Professor David Greenwood

Associate Director, Corporate Communications

Lisa Harding

Commercial Director

Chris Hunt

Deputy Pro-Vice-Chancellor Research (Knowledge Exchange and Partnerships)

Professor Kerry Kirwan

Dean of Warwick Medical School

Professor Sudhesh Kumar

Director of Innovation

David Plumb

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To oversee and guide the development and delivery of the strategy, business plan and marketing plan for Wellesbourne Campus, on behalf of the University Executive Board.

Terms of Reference

To oversee:

1) Development of the strategy for Wellesbourne Campus.

2) Development of a business plan and a marketing plan.

3) Implementation of an approved business and marketing plan.

4) Relationships with local, regional and national stakeholders (the academy, business, public sector, intermediaries).

5) The investment pipeline and decisions on acceptable investments, in line with the approved business plan.

6) The budget (within parameters and delegated authority set by University Executive Board (UEB), Financial Planning Sub Committee (FPSC) and Finance and General Purposes Committee (FGPC)).

7) Performance of the Director (who will formally report to a senior university executive).

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Reporting Structure

The Wellesbourne Management and Investment Board (WMIB) reports to the University Executive Board.

The WMIB Operations Group meets monthly, and is chaired by Martin Yardley.

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Secretary: Dr Debbie Girdlestone, Head of Strategic Business Development, Wellesbourne Campus

Assistant Secretary: Sabina Begum, Team Administrator

Please use in the first instance to make contact with the WMIB Secretariat.

Timetable for Submission and Report Template

Items of business for consideration by the Wellesbourne Management and Investment Board should be submitted to the Secretary two weeks in advance of the meeting at which they are to be considered. A completed report and coversheet should be submitted electronically as a Word document to

Please see the report and cover sheet templates for advice on when a cover sheet is required and how it should be set out.

The Secretariat will confirm when the paper has been approved, note any amendments required and confirm the paper number.

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Dates of the 2022/23 meetings of the Wellesbourne Management and Investment Board are:

Monday 21 November 2022 – 10:00-11:30

Wednesday 1 March 2023 – 10:00-11:30

Wednesday 28 June 2023 – 14:00-15:30

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