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Health & Safety Noticeboards

Noticeboards need to be displayed at the entrance to laboratories and workshops. The information displayed on these noticeboards is closely linked to the hazard assessment for that space and therefore any significant hazards and rules for entry to that space must be captured on the noticeboard.

The noticeboard should pre-warn anyone who is not familiar with the space as to;-

  • the types of hazards the space presents
  • whether entry to the space is allowed
  • the local rules and PPE that is required when entering that space
  • who is in charge of the space (and relevant contact details)
  • the hazardous nature of any gas cylinders present
  • whether there are piped in gases
  • the isolation points for piped in gases
  • the location of information for any overnight reactions or overnight running equipment
  • what the cleaning rules are, i.e. full cleaning is permitted; to empty the general waste bins only; or no access.

Lab Noticeboards should be uploaded to the Quemis Hazard Management SystemLink opens in a new window to permit Community Safety remote access to information in an emergency.

See also Access to Specified High Hazard Spaces