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Concur FAQs

How do I claim expenses?

Salaried staff - use our online system Concur (see box right).Concur works with single sign on - you do NOT need a separate Concur password; please do not try to contact Concur or anyone else for a password reset.

PhD students - use form FP16a PhD for a single time, after which we will set you up on Concur.

Other students and visitors - use form fp16a,

Workers with STP or VAM contracts - use the associated STP or VAM expense forms.

Before you incur any expense please check whether it can (and/or should) be paid for directly by the University.

Concur is primarily designed to reimburse staff & PhD Students travel & subsistence expenses. If you spend and try to claim for anything else, it is likely that your claim may be queried, rejected or assigned to the payroll team to process as a taxable item.

Full guidance re Expenses is given in the University's Financial Regulations FP16Link opens in a new window

However, please take a moment to read our short guides on what you may claim and how to claim which should cover most of the questions and types of expense you are likely to have. If you have read the guides and are still having problems with your claim, please contact us (see box right). We are a small team so may not be able to assist immediately but will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.

What may I claim on ExpensesLink opens in a new window  How do I make a Concur claim

Other FAQs

  • How do I claim for the cost of an evening meal in the hotel in which I am staying? Select Expense Type "Hotel" and then select "Evening Meal" as an itemised transaction.
  • When will funds be credited to my bank account? After your claim has been approved by the Central Expenses Team you will receive an email with Payment Status of "Sent for Payment".It will then be included in the next weekly BACS run, which is usually processed on a Thursday morning and funds credited the following Monday (subject to alteration re Bank Holidays, Christmas and Financial Year-end).
  • Breakfast in my hotel has been charged separately and exceeds £10: Provided your room rate plus the cost of the breakfast are within the limit, simply add your breakfast cost to the room rate as a single item (accommodation limits are intended to be inclusive of breakfast).
How to Access Concur
  • sign in to the University's webpages then enter Concur in the search box.
  • If this does not work please check first with your Departmental Administrator whether they have sent us your details and secondly whether those details are correct.
  • If you are in WMG please contact WMGFinance Processing
  • If you still have problems email expenses at warwick dot ac dot uk or phone 23000 (024 7652 23000) please include in your email the log-in Id you are using.
Need help or support?

View our videos and quick guides

Our step-by-step video shows you how to make a claim

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