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Relocation Package


Contract of at least 3 years

A maximum of £6,000. Heads of Department have discretion to agree additional support of up to £2,000 (maximum £8,000 in total) in appropriate cases. The total cost of the package will be met from departmental budgets.

Contracts of less than 3 years
  • contracts of less than 12 months - no eligibility
  • contracts of between 12 and 23 months - £1,000
  • contracts of between 24 and 35 months - £1,700

Although the initial contract determines the package, where contracts are subsequently extended, Heads of Department will determine whether additional support should be made and to what extent.

Where externally funded posts include an allocation for relocation this will be honoured by the University, irrespective of grade and amount, subject to HMRC's maximum tax free concession of £8,000. Where such amounts provided are below the figures quoted above for eligible staff, it will be for Heads of Department to determine whether or not to supplement the grant funding for removal expenses to match the figures quoted above. Any additional costs will be met from departmental funds.

Note: Any payments in excess of £8,000 have to be declared by the University to HMRC and will be subject to tax.

The Provost may use discretion to vary the above grants and allowances in special cases.
The University reserves the right to amend the relocation policy at any time.