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Salaries Payroll

Paid on the 24th of each month, or the Friday before if the 24th falls on a weekend or bank holiday.

The following categories of staff are paid on the Salaries payroll:
- Academic (Teaching and Research)
- Academic Related (Administration)
- Catering & Chefs
- Clerical
- Technicians

Approximately 5,700 staff are paid each month.

June Williamson, Charlotte Pearson, Linda Soar, Dee Mistry or dedicated HR departments within WBS, Warwick Medical School and Hospitality

New Starters
New employees will be sent a personal record form and information about pensions with their offer of appointment. ( Also see Border Agency link) They will also be asked to send a passport-sized photograph to HR, which will be used to generate a University card. The University card and an induction pack will be sent to the relevant department for collection on the first day of work. The new employee should give their completed personal record form and P45 to their department who will then submit all the paperwork to HR.

The period of notice required by an employee who wishes to leave the employment of the University is indicated in the appropriate Terms and Conditions of Service.

  • End of Fixed Term Contract
    Three months before an employee’s fixed term contract is due to end, the Payroll office will notify the appropriate Head of Department.
    If the contract is not to be extended, it will be necessary for the employee's supervisor to complete a Leavers Form. This will ensure the employee is taken off the payroll at the correct time, preventing overpayment of salary and permitting correct payment of any outstanding holiday pay due.
  • Resignation
    All resignations must be made in writing and should be given to the Head of Department.
    A copy of the letter of resignation should be sent to the HR Office, who will then forward it to the Payroll Office.
    In addition, a Leavers Form must be completed to ensure the employee is taken off the payroll at the correct time, preventing overpayment of salary and permitting correct payment of any outstanding holiday pay due.
  • P45 and Final Payslip
    Once a P45 has been sent out, HMRC regulations prevent a duplicate being issued.
    Individuals may collect their P45 from the Payroll Office but must contact the Office beforehand, and as soon as they know they are leaving, to arrange this.
    Otherwise, the P45 will be sent to your home address on, or shortly after, payday. Therefore if your address is to change on leaving the University, you must indicate your new address on your Leavers Form.

Additional Payments

  • Overtime
    All requests for overtime/additional payments, which have been received in the Payroll Office by the cut-off date, will be processed for that month’s payroll run. These requests must be on a timesheet (PDF Document)signed by the appropriate authorised signatory (faxes and emails are unacceptable, unless the department has an arrangement to submit this electronically). All payments must include the employee number (can be found on employee’s payslip) to prevent the wrong person being paid. If no alternative cost code is provided it will be assumed that the overtime is to be costed to the standard payroll cost code.
  • One-off Payments
    Occasional additional payments to an individual should be requested on an additional payment form (PDF Document). Please provide the employee number, a description of the payment, the payroll element, amount and the cost code to which the payment is to be charged. The request must be signed by the appropriate authorised signatory. Copies, faxes and emails are not acceptable.

You can opt for deductions from your salary for:

Annual bus & train tickets

Give as You Earn

plus Union & Healthcare subscriptions

You can also opt for a salary sacrifice scheme for:

Childcare Vouchers

Cycle to work Vouchers