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Payroll Information

There are two main payrolls run for University employees and workers on a monthly basis, the salaries payroll (SAL) and the variable payroll (VAM).

The Payroll team also provides a payroll service for Unitemps, the University's temporary worker agency (AGW) and processes the Sessional Teachers Payroll (STP).

Payments for all payrolls are made electronically via BACS, directly into the individual's bank or building society account.

The forthcoming cut-off dates for requests for payment to reach Payroll or HR Administration (as applicable) are:

* This includes payments, personal deductions, changes to personal information (e.g. bank details, address, name), etc. This list is not exhaustive.

Please note that the deadlines shown above are the date by which approved requests must have been received by HR Administration or Payroll (as applicable) for guaranteed processing in the current month. Please allow time for any required approvals to be obtained (for example, from the relevant senior officers for additional responsibility payments) as needed. We will endeavour to process requests received shortly after the monthly deadline but this will only be possible where the volumes submitted to us and our available capacity allow.