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Trainee placements

We are inviting departments to provide expression of interests for outline 6 month projects for our trainees so we have a wide range of diverse and challenging placements which reflect both the variety of roles across Higher Education and working here at Warwick.

The trainees placements are the key building block of their practical learning, and so it is essential that they are challenging and varied. They should provide in-depth exposure to University operations and development opportunities for the trainees. Placements are normally project-based but should be sufficiently varied to be stimulating; and can also include day-to-day operational work.

What Makes a Good Placement?

A successful placement is one which benefits the trainee through the development of their skills, knowledge and experience, and delivers tangible outcomes for the host department and institution.

Good quality placements are meaningful projects with demanding yet achievable goals that provide the trainee with a broad, yet in-depth experience of university life.

We suggest each placement has three broad components:

  1. A project/ projects the graduate trainee leads which will take approximately six months to complete and that has tangible deliverables and outcomes for which the trainee is responsible
  2. A series of other tasks/activities of shorter duration
  3. Some day-to-day operational work allowing thetrainee to contribute to the ongoing work of the team in which they are based. Placements must be challenging and varied, but realistic and achievable.

The trainee(s) must be appropriately supported to deliver on their objectives and develop their skills. Please note, in parallel with their placements, trainees will attend a number of training and coaching sessions run by Ambitious Futures which they will need to attend on specific days (these will be advised well in advance).

Placements will be considered against the programme competency frameworks and look at best fit for both the trainees and departments.

If you are interested in submitting expression of interest for a six month placement, please contact s dot wall at warwick dot ac dot uk in the first instance.