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Third-party hardware, software and maintenance contracts

Main Suppliers of University hardware, software and maintenance contracts as of November 2019
Asset management

hardware desktops are replaced every 4 years on a refresh cycle and server hardware is replaced every 5 years on a refresh cycle.

XMA is used to provide a level of support for sorting out problems with printers and desktops for unmanaged users. This is a chargeable service.

IT Services operates an equipment disposal cycle in line with WEEE directive.

Software asset management; Information assets are managed via manual processes and spreadsheets.

Software License numbers


Staff FTE: 6127
No. of Microsoft Windows Server Datacenter licences: 926 (2-core packs)
No. of Microsoft Windows Server Standard licences: 204 (2-core packs)
No. of Microsoft SQL Server licences: 408 (2-core packs)

Service level agreements

Networks and Server infrastructure are supported by maintenance contracts that have a service level agreement (SLA) 365 days a year 24 / 7 cover with a 4 hr response time.

Operating system vendors used are Microsoft Windows/Linux (Red Hat, CentOS)/Solaris.

Staffing and Resourcing

There are 165 full time and 17 part time working staff in IT services.

Staff are hired from LA International.


Mobile telephony with Vodafone- 1648 handsets

Web Development

Our Web Application Development is conducted in house. Development language used is Java, Scala, node.js, ruby.