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Policies & Standard Operating Procedures

The University has strict regulations about the use of computing facilities, which all users are required to accept before they are assigned an ITS Account. They cover authorisation, copyright and defamation. Disciplinary procedures are in place to deal with breaches of these regulations. The regulations incorporate conditions for acceptable use of the national academic IT network, JANET.

A code of conduct covers use of the public work areas and connection to the campus data network.

There is no routine monitoring of email content or individual web access, but users should be aware that the University may make interceptions of communications in certain circumstances, as permitted within the law. Note that email is not a secure medium and messages may be seen by other than the intended recipient.

All staff and students should note that the Warwick Mail Alias provided by the University for use of email is their official email address for communications with the University and will be used for all official correspondence. It is the responsibility of each member of the University to check this address regularly or to forward the mail to an address that they do check regularly.


The following policies are currently in the consultation period:



  1. Code of conduct for work areas
  2. Code of conduct for the use of software
  3. Accessibility and IT facilities
  4. Rules for connection to campus data network  
  5. Code of Conduct for System Administrators
  6. Application administration