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Residential Network Acceptable Use Policy

By using the ResNet Service you are agreeing to abide by all the terms & conditions laid out in this Acceptable Use Policy (AUP). If you breach these conditions, your access to the ResNet Service may be temporarily or permanently terminated.


ResNet Service is the service provided by the University in your residence, which offers a connection to the Internet. The ResNet is not an extension of the Campus Network. Please refer to the ResNet Service Description for further information go to

Network Connection means the network outlet provided in your room which allows you to connect to the ResNet Service.

Special Conditions means any further conditions applicable to the use of your connection to the ResNet Service, as notified to you in accordance with point 9 below.


You are responsible for all activity originating from any machine using the Network Connection provided in your room. In addition to this general responsibility,

You must:

  1. Notify the Student Computing HelpDesk of any problems, faults & breaches of the AUP you detect or become aware of while using the service.
  2. Abide by relevant UK legislation. This includes (but is not limited to):
    • The Copyright, Designs & Patents Act. This act makes it a criminal offence to transmit or store any copyright protected material without the permission of the copyright owner. Examples of copyright protected material can include music files, television programmes and films that are downloaded from the Internet.
    • The Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act. This act places strict controls on the interception and monitoring of information sent over networks. RIPA makes it a criminal offence to intercept other people’s data (emails, passwords, etc) as it is transmitted over a network without their explicit permission having been given. The act also makes provision for authorised interception and monitoring to be carried out and the University reserves the right to investigate and inspect electronic communications, under the terms of the Act, in the circumstances set out in University Computing Regulations.
    • The Computer Misuse Act. This Act makes it an offence to try to access any computer system for which authorisation has not been given. Any attempt to bypass or interfere with the security controls on a system, to try to obtain the usernames or passwords of other users, or to try to access or modify files belonging to other people are offences under this act.
  3. Abide by the terms of the JANET acceptable use policy, published at
  4. Abide by relevant University regulations, as published in the University Calendar.
  5. Ensure your computer operating system is updated to the required minimum level as defined at the time of connection to ResNet.
  6. Install, run & regularly update your computer’s Anti Virus software.
  7. Install, run & regularly update your computer’s Anti Spyware software.
  8. Install & maintain an appropriate personal firewall on your computer.
  9. Abide by any other special conditions notified to you by IT Services needed to ensure the continued operation of the ResNet Service.
  10. Ensure that the means of access to the Network connection & personal equipment (i.e. passwords) are kept secure & are not disclosed to third parties.
  11. Preserve at all times the confidentiality of information relating to the ResNet Service where the information is not in the public domain.
  12. Accept that the University may hold and process any personal data submitted by you for validation and statistical purposes, and for the purposes of the management of the ResNet Service or for any other lawful purpose notified to you and they may also pass the information on to other members of the University or other authorised third parties in compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998.
  13. Ensure that any personal data submitted is accurate to the best of your knowledge, and that any changes in that personal data, will be made known to IT Services at the earliest possible opportunity.
  14. Accept that the ResNet Service and the Network connection are provided without warranty. No guarantee or warranty can be made that the ResNet Service will be uninterrupted, error free or virus free. Any representations or warranties given by any member of IT Services relating to the ResNet Service, express or implied are excluded to the maximum extent permitted by law.
  15. Accept that the University is not a commercial Internet Service Provider (ISP) & as such does not operate a compensation policy for disruptions to the ResNet Service. The service is operated on a non-profit basis & the introduction of a compensation policy for periods during which the service is not available would result in rent increases.
  16. Meet any charges made for reconnection to the service (where appropriate).
  17. Take your machine to be checked at the Service Point in the event your machine is disconnected because of a suspected breach of the AUP by General Misuse or Virus. An appointment for this will be made at an agreed time with you when you contact the Student Computing HelpDesk.

You Must Not:

  1. Use the ResNet Service to gain, or attempt to gain, illegal or unauthorised access to data.
  2. Pass on the ResNet Service to others, whether for commercial gain or free of charge.
  3. Simultaneously connect more than one machine to the Network Connection provided in your room.
  4. Connect hubs, switches or wireless networking equipment to the Network Connection provided in your room.
  5. Connect machines running server operating systems or services (including for example DHCP, DNS, web servers, etc) to the Network Connection provided in your room.
  6. Install or use any peer to peer file-sharing applications on machines connected to the ResNet Service including, but not limited to, “bittorrent”, “edonkey” or other equivalent software. (For the sake of clarity, IT Services publishes a list of example applications on IT Services website.)
  7. Cause disruption to the normal operation of the network (internal or external) or to any devices connected to it.
  8. Use the ResNet Service for any activities that bring the University into disrepute.

Disconnection Policy

Any misuse of the ResNet Service including, but not limited to, those described above, will be regarded as a serious disciplinary matter. Misuse will result in the immediate termination of your access to the ResNet Service. The disconnection period depends upon the nature of the misuse. It may also result in disciplinary action being taken by the University, or an investigation by the police.

The following disconnection periods and reconnection charges apply:

  1. Viruses: A £35 reconnection charge will apply for reconnection after the third disconnection due to virus infection. There is no defined period of disconnection - once the virus threat has been removed, reconnection can be sought immediately.
  2. General Misuse: Upon detection of a suspected breach of the AUP, you will be immediately disconnected. If this is the first breach, you will need to contact the Student Computing Helpdesk to arrange an appointment with the Service Point who will advise the reason for the disconnection and provide guidance on how to stay within the AUP. Should you be detected on a second occasion, a 28 day disconnection period and £50 reconnection charge will apply. Examples of General Misuse breach include, but are not limited to, using peer to peer file sharing (both encrypted & unencrypted), or CERT complaints relating to a machine connected to the ResNet Service.
  3. Copyright Abuse: This will incur a 56 day disconnection period and a £70 reconnection charge. Copyright abuse relates to the illegal downloading & distribution of copyrighted material irrespective of the mechanism used to do so. This is a serious offence, and there has been substantial, international, media coverage associated with this type of activity. The law is quite specific in this area and ignorance of the illegality of this activity is not a legitimate defence.
  4. Network Abuse: This will incur a 56 day disconnection period and £100 reconnection charge. Examples of network abuse include, but are not limited to, port scanning, connection of hubs, switches, wireless access points, routers, and unauthorised servers to the Network Connection in your room. In severe cases, for example where serious illegal activity has taken place or where repeated breaches of the conditions in this acceptable use policy have occurred, action may be bought under the terms of the University’s major disciplinary process (see University Calendar, Regulation 23). This action may result in the permanent removal of access to the ResNet Service for the remainder of the year, and may also prevent a resident from returning to Halls in future years.


To the extent that applicable law permits:

  1. The members of the University bear no legal responsibility for the accuracy or comprehensiveness of the ResNet Service.
  2. The members of the University accept no liability for, and you will not be entitled to claim against the University in respect of, any direct, indirect, consequential or incidental damages or losses arising from use of the Network Connection, or from the unavailability of, or break in access to, the ResNet Service, for whatever reason.
  3. The University shall not incur any liability to you for delay in provision of the ResNet Service as a result of an event which is beyond the reasonable control of the University which shall include such things as illness of staff, Acts of God, civil disturbance, student sit ins, strikes or other industrial action, war or governmental advice.

Updates to this document

This AUP may be updated from time to time subject to the approval of the Information Policy and Strategy Committee.