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Academic Technology at Warwick

What we do

  • provide training, advice, support, guidance and consultancy to academics using technology to enhance and support research, teaching and learning
  • support the use of Extended Classroom tools including Moodle, eStream, MyPortfolio and ResponseWare
  • provide tools for academics to design and implement eAssessment including online exams, tests, and self-assessment exercises, as well as module evaluation and student feedback questionnaires
  • describe and synthesise good practice, the team have a unique bird's eye view across the University
  • source, signpost and implement solutions to meet your requirements, through research, R&D, piloting, and from working with innovators
  • contribute expertise, evidence and requirements gathering to IT Services development, and to other parts of the University
  • operate within a network of academic technology practice and support across the University, in collaboration with other support services
  • make innovation and good practice visible and create sustainable change to the baseline capacity of the University

Meet the team