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Video Conferencing Logitech MeetUp

We have a number of Logitech MeetUp Video Conferencing devices that have been installed in rooms across campus or are available to loan.

These devices are ideal for use in a room that doesn't have any other fixed Audio and Video Conferencing systems installed within it.

Video conferencing bars are best suited to smaller sized spaces such as meeting rooms to make best use of microphone pickup range and video framing. They should only be used in rooms with a maximum occupancy level of between 4-8 people and should utilise the following recommended advice.

Video conferencing bars deliver room-filling audio and makes sure every voice is clearly heard with high-precision beamforming mics. For more information on video conferencing see our Audio and Video Conferencing page.

All of our Logitech MeetUp Video Conference units come in a handy carry case with a shoulder strap and handle. We provide mains power leads and USB Type A connector and extension leads (for connection with your laptop, desktop PC or Teaching Room PC) inside each carry case.

  • Top tips! To best view the meeting, remote users should select the options "Pin for me" and "Fit to Frame" (not "Fill Frame") against the Teams panel that contains the MeetUp broadcast (this option is available by right-clicking the panel in question or through the three dots next to the name)
  • For those joining remotely, please can we remind you to turn off your microphones when not talking as a small amount of audio feedback from remote participants can affect the sound quality for those attending online, this can make it difficult to hear what is being said in the room.

Logitech MeetUp Camera

The Logitech MeetUp is capable of:

  • Automatic zoom that responds adapts to meeting dynamics keeping the camera focused on everyone in the room.
  • Delivers room-filling audio.
  • Makes sure every voice is clearly heard with high-precision beamforming mics.
  • Integration with Teams, Zoom, Google Hangouts, Slack, GoToMeeting and more...
  • Compatible with multiple devices from Macs to Laptops.
  • Plug-and-play setup

These video conferencing units are available for all staff to loan. Students wishing to borrow these items must ask a member of staff to book the item on your behalf. When borrowing any item of our loan stock you will be expected to take full responsibility for this item and return it in the same condition it was loaned to you in.

For more information, tutorials and resources on the Logitech MeetUp see:

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