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Audio and Video Conferencing Rooms

Committee Rooms Facilities List - Guidance from our Timetabling colleagues

Our two different types of Audio and Video Conferencing equipment are installed in the following rooms across campus:

Wireless Video Conferencing with Solstice (MS Teams enabled) and StarLeaf (No MS Teams support)

University House
Central Campus
IT Services (ITS Staff Only)

*Please Note: The StarLeaf functionality has been disabled in these spaces to enable MS Teams Enhanced AV. Please contact AV Services if this causes significant disruption to your planned teaching/learning or video conferencing activities.

**The IT Services Westwood building and it's associated technologies and rooms have now been retired and colleagues relocated, whilst the S0.44 space within Social Sciences has been repurposed.

***Meeting Room 1 within the Executive Office in University House has been migrated to the Wireless Video Conference with Solstice platform.

StarLeaf Support

Use the touchscreen controller as the means for making and controlling video calls with the room system.

Check the quickstart guide for guidance with using the touchscreen.


Using the Touchscreen Controller

The home screen

Making a call

Using in-call features

Joining a meeting

In-call conference control and icons

Inviting a guest