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Deskside Support Aug 2012-Jul 2013

Service Metrics: August 2012 to Current Date (updated monthly)

1. Tickets Resolved by the Deskside Services Team by Service Product

Deskside Team Resolved Calls


Total Tickets Resolved: 7,769

2. Deskside Resolved 'Tickets' by Call Type

Deskside Resolved Calls by Call Type


3. Performance Metrics

  • Monthly average time to resolve 'tickets'

    Deskside Monthly Average Resolution Time 


    *On average Users can expect their call to be resolved within 2 working days (i.e. 16 hours). Exludes calls relating to Workarea Service.

  • Monthly resolution against Service Level Target

    Deskside resolution against SLT

    *SLT relates to standard priority (P3) calls which are expected to be resolved within 4 working days. Over the current period, resolution average for P3 calls resolved by Deskside team within 4 working days is 93%.

4. Customer Feedback for Calls Resolved by Deskside Services

Customer Feedback for Deskside Team

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Calls by Service Product

Calls by Type

Avg Time to Resolve

Resolution SLT


Customer Feedback