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Using your favourite mail client at home

If you are on the university's "Office 365" mail system you can configure any mail client that supports IMAP to work with the university email system. The majority of people are now on Office 365. You do not need to ssh to any university server or workstation to collect your mail unless you are still on the "Unix Mail" system.

If you are on Office 365 you can follow the steps below to configure your mail client.

Configuring Office 365 IMAP

Once the client is configured all Mail on the IMAP server (Office 365) will be available on the mail client.

All local mail should be moved to the IMAP server so it can be accessed everywhere, otherwise it will only be available on the machine that you save it to. The following guidance can help with moving mail to IMAP folders:

For Mutt:

Guidance on folders -

Guidance on moving mail -

For Pine/Alpine/Re-Alpine:

Moving between folders -

Ensure the folder is created in a collection which is on the IMAP server. You can see how to do this by scrolling down on the above page.