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Useful Keyboard Shortcuts and Tips

Keyboard Shortcuts

The <super> key is (usually) the one with the Microsoft Windows logo on it located between the Ctrl and Alt keys on the left of the bottom row.

  • Show/hide Desktop: <Super>-D
  • Activate screen lock: <Super>-L
  • Show/hide Message Tray: <Super>-M
  • Activate Activities Overview: <Super>
  • Cycle through open windows: Alt-Tab
  • Switch up/down one workspace: Ctrl-Alt plus up/down arrow. <Super> plus mouse scroll up/down
  • Switch up/down one workspace and take currently focus window along with you: Ctrl-Alt-Shift plus up/down arrow
  • Run command: Alt-F2


  • Pressing <Super> to activate Activities Overview and then typing the name of or type of application you want to run will search for it. E.g. typing 'fire' or 'web br' will return Firefox as the first result, press Enter to launch Firefox.
  • In Activites Overview, a window can be moved to a different workspace by dragging it to that workspace in the right side column of workspaces.
  • Middle clicking titlebar of a window will maximze it vertically.
  • Dragging a window until the mouse pointer hits the left edge of screen will cause window being dragged maximize that window vertically and set the width to half that of the screen. Similar for right edge of screen.
  • Dragging a window until the mouse pointer hits the top of the screen will cause window bring dragged to maximize.