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Updating your site

Your public_html folder will still remain on Unix storage (your old home directory). This is managed through, You can easily update your files in the folder by connecting to 's<username>/public_html' (replace <username> with your username). This can be done in any of the following ways:

  • Through "Other Locations" and "Connect to Server" in the "Files" browser (Nautilus)
  • You can set up a site in Filezilla which is already installed
  • You can also use the sftp or rsync commands from a terminal - with this method you could also potentially write a script to synchronise based on your requirements.


Port:- 22

Remote Folder:- /home/<username>/public_html

Username :- <username>

Password:- <password>

Replace <username> with your standard ITS username and <password> with your standard ITS password.