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What's new in IT Services Linux Desktop 4

- The storage system used by the Managed Linx Desktop has been changed and is no longer shared with multiuser-unix. This changes the way you access the storage from off campus, multiuser-unix still contains staff homepages, see the following FAQs for details:

- In order to take advantage of the functionality, reliability and security benefits of using the main ITS storage infrastructure, some functions within the home directories will no longer be supported, these functions are symbolic links, sockets, and changing permissions. You will still be able to do all of these on the local filesystem and the running of scripts from your home directory is still supported. See the following FAQs for some implications of this:

- Shared storage ('M Drive' on Windows) is now accessible and mounted in a personal folder in '/shared'. More information here

- The structure of /local has been overhauled, see the following FAQs and here for details:

- The Linux distribution has changed from 'SLED 12 SP2' to 'Centos 7'.

- Adobe Reader 8 with FileOpen Plugin is no longer supported.

- The update mechanism has changed, see the following FAQ for more information:

- Gnome has been updated to a later version, your extensions may not work or functionality may have been removed or added. If something isn't doing something you liked in a previous version, or behaviour has changed then you may wish to install a Gnome shell extension to address this: