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ITS Shared Filestore

IT Services provide services and advice to facilitate the most appropriate ways of storing and sharing work related files and data.

For information on Managing Research Data please look here.

    H: Drive Dept Shared Drive


High Capacity 'Shared' & 'Exclusive'

For Personal work related files collaborative working Small projects Large Research, Projects, AV
Size 1GB - 15GB 10GB - 5TB 50GB / 100GB* 'Shared' 5TB + 'Exclusive' 1TB +


 Windows, Mac OS/OSX (SMB/CIFS) & MyFiles & WEBDAV

Windows, OSX (SMB)
& MyFiles

 or NFS

Backups  Traditional Backup, H:Drive previous versions Snapshots & Mirroring
$$$ Free £35 /TB /Year

How do I access shared filestore? | How do I recover a previous version / from backups? | Other FAQ's

*50GB for individuals, 100GB for teams