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Managing your research data

Research data management (RDM) means the storage, curation, preservation and provision of continuing access to analogue and digital research data. RDM is a way of codifying these research good practices in a way that can make it easier for you to conduct your research.

If you’re encountering RDM for the first time you will find many of the activities will be familiar to you. This includes activities such as:

  • creating backups of your work and controlling who has access to them
  • choosing file formats that can be opened easily in the future
  • describing methodology and keeping track of versions of files

This information can help you with all aspects of the data management process.

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Learn how to plan your research data, helping you make the right decisions about creating, storing and sharing your data before you start your project.

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Organise your data! - discover how to you can make your data files easy to store, find and use including formats, storage and file naming.

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Tips to help your research data be accessible and tips on how to access other sources of data for your research.

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Preserve & share

Discover how to preserve and restore your data securely for as long as necessary.

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EPSRC funded

Guidance from EPSRC for funded researchers on the availability and accessibility of research data.

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We are always happy to help, for questions or support.

Individual advice on RDM is available
Heather Lawler, the University’s Research Data Officer, is available for consultations on Data Management Plans, dataset deposition and to arrange individual or group RDM training. Email Heather: researchdata at warwick dot ac dot uk.

Profiles: Research support

Deposit research data

Follow these instructions to deposit your research data into the Warwick Research Archive Portal.


Care and management of your data is an essential part of research good practice. Most funders and many academic institutions now have mandates to ensure that data is properly managed and, where possible, shared.

RDM news

Forthcoming workshops in RDM for Staff and PGRs.

Staff link for booking PGR link for booking (SkillsForge) Date
Data Management Plans Data Management Plans 14/02/2018
Tools for Data Management Tools for Data Management 23/04/2018

Wellcome Trust changes to Research Data Management Policy

The Wellcome Trust has released a new policy for sharing research data, with the intention of 'sparking new lines of discovery and innovation, and [helping] to ensure that findings can be verified and reproduced'.

This includes consideration of outputs – not only data, but original software, new materials (e.g. antibodies, cell lines, reagents) and IP.

There are new conditions relating to when an 'outputs management plan' is required.

Wellcome indicates that it will actively monitor implementation of the policy, including 'introducing a new check at final report stage to look at how the outputs from the grant have been made available'.