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MyFiles SFTP

MyFiles SFTP allows access to your H Drive and M Drive data. The M Drive folders are the same ones as you see-through our other access methods, but they will look different, as they are mounted individually, rather than under the single "M-Drive" heading. MyFiles supports any SFTP client that does not require shell access. MyFiles does not support SCP.

SFTP application software

Use the following settings:

port: 22

To connect, use your normal Warwick username and password.

Please note that SFTP client software may try to cache directory contents locally. Using such settings is not advised on shared folders, as most are several hundred GB in size.

Command Line access

MyFiles SFTP can also be accessed directly from a command prompt where SFTP is available. Use <username> as the destination, and the corresponding Warwick password.

# sftp's password:
Connected to