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Storage Service - Working From Home

You can still get access to your storage while you are working from home or anywhere else off-campus. How you do this will depend on what equipment and network access you have.

VPN (Virtual Private Network) and direct drive mapping

The Warwick VPN allows your workstation to behave as if it is connected directly to the campus network. This means you can use your normal M: and H: drive mappings. This is the only method we recommend when you need to use database applications, including Microsoft Access files. More details on the VPN are available at

MyFiles Web

This is the web browser interface at and is, again, available anywhere. However, you will need to download files to your local system, and then upload them again when you have finished working. Although MyFiles Web can be used anywhere you have a web browser, the offline nature of the file access means it's really best used in lone working situations where your editing a file will not get in the way of anyone else.

Solutions to some common remote access problems here