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Frequently asked questions

What type of question design is available with Perception?

There are 20 different question types available in QM Perception. You may see some useful examples here.

How can I access the results for my students?

Browser-based reporting offers secure access to twelve report types including:-

Is it possible to set a time limit for web based session?

Yes, you may set up a time limit for the session or leave the session available unlimited. Also, tests can be scheduled automatically (for those registered on a module) and down to the second.

Is it possible to randomise questions for the session?

Yes, Perception allows you to create a question bank and select questions randomly for each student.

Can I allow students to see the results immediately after the test?

Yes; results may be made available for students immediately after the submission of the session or may be sent to the lecturer electronically. Perception allows you to create feedback for correct and incorrect answers and gives your students the possibility of seeing it, helping their learning and understanding.

Is it possible to allocate students to the session?

Yes, students may be allocated to the session on a group basis or session may be created as 'open', so any student may have access to it.

If you have any other questions or require further information, please contact us on perception at warwick dot ac dot uk

Graphic showing Departments at Warwick that use Perception. (Opens in a new window).