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CAA at Warwick

QM Perception is widely used in different departments for different sorts of CAA activities: starting with self-assessment and assessment on-line and ending with on-line evaluation forms and surveys.

We have put some examples for you to have a look at and get a feeling for how it may be used:

Click on local examples and use name: guest password: guest


Chemistry CH158 course for ...

Institute of Education ITS Audit assessment, Science Knowledge Audit assessment

Language Centre (German, Russian) Learning German, Learning Russian

Warwick Medical School Cardiovascular on-line self assessment

Department of French French Grammar




WMG FeB 30 min assessment, eFACS Prework Assessment

Centre for Scientific computing


There is a new project Sciences CAA which has been recently founded by TQEF and run by Trevor Hawkes in collaboration with e-lab

Project Aim: to promote intelligent use of computer-aided assessment (CAA) in the Warwick Science Faculty, simultaneously improving student learning and lightening the staff assessment load.