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Before you attempt a test

Where do I take the test?

Tests can be taken

  • on your home computer using an Internet Browser
  • any ITS computer lab either in your own time or under supervision depending upon the level of security imposed by your course leader for a particular assessment

How do I login?

There is now a single sign on system in place which means that once you have logged onto the university network, there is no need to log on separately for Perception tests. Perception will use the same authentication (username and password) as you use on the Warwick network.

What can I take in with me?

This depends upon the level of security for the assessment and needs to be checked with your course leader.

How do I access example questions online?

Click here for subject specific examples.

Click here for an example assessment about the University to give you a feel for how the questions work.

Will any part of the computer be disabled during the test?

This depends upon the level of security imposed for a particular assessment. Please check with your course leader.

When and how will I know my results?

This depends upon the type of assessment. Sometimes the feedback will be displayed to you immediately upon submitting the assessment and sometimes the results will be provided by the course leader at a later date.