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Important Service Announcements


Resume the VPN Cisco AnyConnect client upgrade on Tuesday 15th Feb 2022.

Following the recent Cisco AnyConnect client upgrade to the latest version 4.10.03104 (from 4.10.01075), which commenced on the 7th Dec 2021, a number of help desk calls were raised, with staff complaining of connectivity issues with Teams and Outlook, only with IDG managed Windows devices, following the VPN client upgrade.

Unmanaged Windows, Mac and Linux devices are unaffected.

An emergency change was made for damage limitation, stopping those who hadn't yet connected to the VPN service to auto upgrade, with a "Halt" in place, for further auto updates to continue (for Windows devices).

Following an investiagtion, a fix was found and tested.

We are now in a position to remove the "Halt", for the Windows IDG Windows managed and unmanaged devices to continue the Cisco AnyConnect client upgrade, starting Tuesday 15th Feb, after 8am.

Thereafter, any remaining IDG Windows managed devices (and unmanaged devices), connecting to the VPN service, will automatically upgrade to the latest Cisco AnyConnect client version 4.10.03104.

Associated links:

Staff colleagues experiencing connection issues when using the Outlook/Teams (

How to get and use the campus VPN | IT Services | Warwick

Please note: For any University Policy updates for IDG Windows managed devices, please ensure you connect to the VPN service, when working remotely, at some point on a weekly basis.

When on campus, IDG Windows managed devices are updated automatically, and does not require the VPN.

Thank you.

Historic 2021 VPN Cisco AnyConnect Client Upgrade

University VPN Cisco AnyConnect Client Upgrade (planned Dec 7th 2021)

Affecting: All University VPN's who use the Cisco Any Connect Client to connect.

The Cisco AnyConnect VPN client is being upgraded from: 4.10.01075 to: 4.10.03104, along with the Umbrella module, for users who have installed.

- to address various known defects and security enhancements.

The upgrade is targeted for: Windows, MacOS and Linux64bit PC Operating systems.

Users will see the client auto upgrade when they connect, after the update packages are enabled on the Campus VPN head-end Device.

Users will be notified if a restart is required, should the upgrade require it.

Whilst the update process may prompt users to restart now or at a later date, users should not delay, and select the restart now option.

Please ensure all work is saved prior to restarting.

The upgrade scheduled dates are: - Tuesday 7th December between 6-9am.

The VPN service will remain available, however users following subsequent connections post upgrade, will automatically upgrade.

We will endeavour to keep disruption to a minimum.

If you require any further information, please refer to: RFC0041550

Network and Telecoms Support Team.

IT Services.