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OneDrive for Business: Create, Edit and Share Files Online

With OneDrive for Business all of your documents are accessible from any computer that has an internet connection. You can share these files quickly and easily with any other member of Warwick staff, even to the extent of allowing them to edit the document themselves if you want.

How to access OneDrive for Business

When you go to, click the applications icon in the top left of the screen, then click OneDrive. That'll take you to the top level page of your OneDrive. You can make new Office documents here by clicking the "New" link, or you can drag in documents from your computer. If you have Office 2016 installed, you can use the 2016 desktop apps to save directly to and open directly from your OneDrive.

If you're not already in Office365, you can quickly access your OneDrive, assuming you're signed in to the Warwick website, by going to

Sharing documents

OneDrive for Business makes it easy to share documents with your colleagues. If you click on the icon in the "Sharing" column next to the document you want to share, you can go to the "Invite people" tab to share that document with others.

If you leave the University any files you have shared will remain accessible for a further 30 days, but will then be deleted. If it is appropriate, these files can be recovered during this period and transferred to colleagues on request.

For this reason we recommend OneDrive for Business for personal file storage and Microsoft Teams for colleagues who need to jointly own files.

You can find out more about Microsoft Teams on the Microsoft Office Website

Office 2016: OneDrive for Business and OneDrive

OneDrive for Business is not the same thing as OneDrive. OneDrive (without the "for Business" on the end) is your own personal document space with Microsoft that you can use for any storage you like. We don't recommend that you use this for storing work-related documents. OneDrive for Business, on the other hand, is the University's official cloud storage space - this is where you should save files to.

If you're using Office 2016, you'll be given the option to save your files directly to either OneDrive or OneDrive for Business.

In summary:

This is OneDrive for Business, use it for University-related documents. Access it via this link:

This is your own personal OneDrive. Don't use it for University-related documents.

Backing up files

OneDrive for Business will not keep copies of deleted files forever. After you've deleted them, they'll move to the site recycle bin (not the same as your desktop recycle bin) for a while, then be completely deleted. So we recommend not deleting anything on OneDrive unless you're sure you don't need it - we won't be able to recover it for you once it's gone.

Sensitive Information

If you're working with sensitive or personal information on OneDrive for Business, you should take a look at the University's official guidelines on appropriate ways to work with this kind of information. You can find out more on the Information Security website.


We're currently offering OneDrive for Business training if you'd like to learn more.

More info

You can find out more about OneDrive for Business on the Microsoft Office website.