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My Warwick Admin Systems

This is a portal gadget which displays a list of links to administrative systems which may be useful to you, based on various criteria - whether you are staff or student, what kind of student you are (undergraduate, taught postgraduate etc) and which web groups you are in.

The my.warwick portal will be phased out in favour of start.warwick on 1st August 2013. This gadget aims to provide signposting to administrative applications in the way that my.warwick did.

It is administered by the Application Management team in IT Services.

To request changes to the application or to request that new applications be added, contact the IT Services Help Desk (

To include the gadget in start.warwick:

  1. Click "Add a gadget"
  2. Click the "University Tools" tab
  3. Scroll down to find "My Warwick Admin Systems"
  4. Click "Add this gadget".

It should then appear on your start page, looking something like this:

WAS gadget screenshot