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Online Enrolment


This service enables new and returning students to enrol and re-enrol online. The system allows students to re-enrol and/or enrol onto up to 3 courses at a time though currently most students are only eligible for one course and some are eligible for 2.
The fields are populated with data already in Student Records where appropriate and student records is updated with data entered or amended by students.
The enrolment task was created using the SITS E:vision toolset. This service is provided via the Enrolment team.

Application specific service activities:

  • Students enrol or re-enrol onto the course(s) they are eligible for.


Service Level Agreement

See standard SLA (link)


Application specific availability information

Required availability period: All year; 24/7

Critical availability periods: Enrolment (Aug/October);

This application affected by the availablility of the Student Records application. See the Student Records Service for further information.

The application may not be available while implementing changes at agreed times.


The level of service provided excludes ......

  • Training
  • User management



This service has dependencies upon the following 3rd parties:-

  • Tribal (software supplier)



Useful links:

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