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The overall IT Services strategy is directed by the wider University Strategy - Vision 2015: A Strategy for Warwick.

The overarching objective for IT Services is:

to provide IT services and capabilities commensurate with a world leading University

Our high level strategy to deliver this objective can be summarised in four key statements:

The Student Administration Application Management Service objectives for supporting these core strategic aims are highlighted in bold text.

1. Stabilise and improve existing core services

Use: ITSM, ITIL and Process Management methodologies to understand and manage service delivery and improvement

  • Move to a Service Delivery model
    •  Focus on the service our applications deliver to our customers, rather than the underlying computer systems
  • Understand better the service we deliver and the impact of change
    • Identify suitable measures for our processes
  • Respond proactively to potential threats to our service delivery
    • Monitor our metrics in order to predict future performance

2. Develop management capabilities and leadership

Adequately resource service teams; invest in skills and training to ensure all staff have the knowledge and experience necessary to deliver excellent services, plan strategically, prioritise appropriately

  • Personal Development Plans for all service team members
    • Training needs analysis
  • Objectives set for all service team members
    • Objectives linked back to university and departmental strategy 
  • Align staff resources with the service rather than the applications 
    • Incorporate experience in several supported applications into staff objectives

3. Introduce additional core services around collaboration, mobile working, global access

  • Provide global access to applications supported by the service
    • Deploy appropriately secure web-enabled applications to meet business requirements

4. Establish a systematic capability to identify, prioritise and deliver new services that will differentiate the University of Warwick as a world leading institution

Design and implement processes to monitor the wider environment: technical, commercial, social. Bring to the attention of senior management those areas where new capabilities should be developed to deliver IT capabilities that support genuinely different characteristics to the University

  • Adopt best practice in research and development of requirements for new services
  • Engage with the wider University to identify areas where the service can make a measurable difference