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Online student records

Service description

This provides web access to the student records system for both staff and students. It is the mechanism for students both to enrol and re-enrol on-line at the University. It is also the means by which they can check and update their personal data at any time. Staff can view a number of reports here as well as access information about students in their module and tutorial groups. For all current staff and students the link for My student records is accessed via

Online developments currently include:-

  • the student "My Data" portal, which includes the ability to make online payments
  • the enrolment and re-enrolment processes
  • examination marks online
  • degree congregation
  • student maintenance (e.g. course transfers)

Online services are provided using eVision functionality, which is a toolset within the SITS:Vision application. IT Services hosts and supports the SITS:Vision application.


The application and data is normally available 24/7, not withstanding periods of non-availability required for planned maintenance. It is supported during standard IT Services support hours. Maintenance takes place during support hours according to a planned schedule. This will include a 1-2 day outage once per year for application upgrades; one day per quarter for operating system and database security patching; and database upgrades as necessary.

A regular system restart will be scheduled on a daily basis to ensure that any dynamic software changes are committed. This will necessitate the application being unavailable for less than 5 minutes at around 01:00.


This service is free at the point of use.