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Service description

The on-line Teaching Timetable service is a service provided via the Central Timetabling Office allowing them to:

  • Efficiently capture timetable data from departments via the web for use in timetabling
  • Deliver up to date timetable information to members of the University using the web
  • Deliver a Personalised Lecture timetable to students, based upon their module choices made via the Online Module Registration system

IT Services provides strategic direction and guidance on the use and development of the service to the Central Timetable Office, as well as supporting and hosting the timeable web application, which is provided to augment the standard facilities provided by the Syllabus Plus software (used for timetabling and room bookings).

List of standard requests

The Central Timetabling Office can request the release of a new build of the timetable.


The application is normally available 24/7, not withstanding periods of non-availability required for planned maintenance. Maintenance takes place during support hours according to a planned schedule. This includes a day’s outage once per year for the switching of academic years, and four one day outages per year, one per timetable build release.


This service is free at the point of use.