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Voicemail System

This guide and instructions are for customers who are using the NuPoint Voice Mail service. If you dial 74747 to access your Voice Mail then you are using this service.

STEP 1 Setting up your mailbox

To set up your voicemail box you need to be using your own phone, please allow around 10 minutes to do this. It might help to try and do this at a time of day when you are less likely to be interrupted and it is as quiet as possible! You are going to need the following before you call:

  • A password between 4 and 15 digits long (choose anything you like but avoid very easy to guess passwords like 1234, 1111, 2222 etc)
  • A greeting for when your phone is diverted to voicemail when you are not at your desk, it might help to write this down
  • A greeting for when you are engaged on another call, it might help to write this down
  • Your name!

Dial the voicemail access number 74747

Listen carefully to the voice prompts and follow the instructions carefully! If things go wrong then hang up and try again.

You will be prompted to enter your password then hit the # key
You will be prompted to record three greetings, one for when your phone isn't answered, one for when you are engaged and your name when recording these messages the system will play them back to you to check you are happy with them. If you are press 1 to accept if not you can hit 2 to re-record

The system will let you know when your mailbox is set up successfully

STEP 2 Setting your phone to divert to your voicemail

You can set three kinds of diverts to your voicemail. If you don't set any diverts then your phone won't go to the voicemail system at all!

All calls diverts your phone straight to your voicemail without ringing
No answer diverts your phone to your voicemail if you don't answer it after several rings
Engaged diverts your phone to your voicemail if you are engaged on another call

You can have more then one of these diverts in effect at a time and turn them on and off as you wish. Note that a divert all calls overrides the other diverts whilst it is in effect!

To set a divert refer to the table below. Pick up your handset up and dial the code shown, if it is successful then you will hear a confirmation tone:

  Set Up Cancel
All Calls *874747 #8
No Answer *3674747 #36
Engaged *3374747 #33

STEP 3 Testing it works

You might want to make a test call to make sure your voicemail is working as you expect! If not try setting your diverts up again.

Please see the User Guide for details of how to use your voicemail