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Nuisance Calls

Unwanted Marketing Calls

Warwick University has utilised a government service to register all telephone lines againstwhere a company may call to ask you if you might need their services. All University phone lines are registered with Telephone Preference Service (TPS) which means you should not get any unsolicited calls from marketing businesses. The TPS should stop most 'Cold Calling'.

If you do experience repeated calls of this type, you can report this to IT Services so we can register a complaint with the Information Commissioner’s Office on behalf of you and the University. The time and date of the calls, the number that called and the name of the company that called are usually required for the complaint to stand any chance of success.

Malicious and Abusive Calls

Should you experience what you feel to be malicious and / or abusive telephone calls or voicemail messages, you should inform your manager as soon as possible.

Repetitive Fax Calls

Some fax machines can redial if the call is answered but receives no fax tones, busy, unavailable or out of service. It will attempt several times to deliver the document until it succeeds. This can be frustrating when the machine has the wrong number and you get connected to the strange warbling of a fax machine.

If you do get these tones, the most practical solution is to transfer the call to a local fax. The document will be delivered and the originating fax machine will stop calling you.

Check the incoming fax and if necessary advise the sender of the fax that it has been misdirected.