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SiteBuilder release notes

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SiteBuilder 2.527 released

We released SiteBuilder 2.527 on Monday 19th December 2022. In this version, we:

  • Fixed an issue that meant the pop-up for map links was impractically small.
  • Added an option when copying pages to copy This page, its direct children and all files under those pages. When conversion of homepage layouts is enabled, this will be useful for users who want to create a copy of a layout and the subpages and files providing its content. You will then be able to convert the copy to the Components Editor and work on it over multiple editing sessions without affecting the live page. Once completed, you'll be able to use the Copy page contents functionality to overwrite the live page with your copy, converting it to the Components Editor in the process.
  • Enabled the Contents list, Gallery, Tags filter, and Textile page types as Components Editor templates.
  • Reduced the number of emails received by users who are signed up to notifications of page changes. Specifically, users are no longer notified when a page's permissions are changed.

Technical notes

Bugs fixed

  • [SBTWO-9736] - Map link popover is too small

Improvements made

  • [SBTWO-9571] - Add gallery page template to Components Editor
  • [SBTWO-10002] - Add filtered tags page type to Components Editor
  • [SBTWO-10005] - Add table of contents page type to Components Editor
  • [SBTWO-10736] - Add ability to copy current page and its direct children
  • [SBTWO-10762] - Make 'Textile page' available as a Components Editor template
  • [SBTWO-10808] - Separate webgroup for createSite permissions

Dev Sub-tasks completed

  • [SBTWO-10780] - Skip notifications for permissions changes
  • [SBTWO-10807] - Log content simplicity data against pages on publish (if they're old editor pages).
  • [SBTWO-10813] - Bump up the thresholds
Wed 21 Dec 2022, 09:27