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What foreign language support is available for student PCs in open access work areas?

Can I read foreign language documents on a Work Area PC?

Yes. Windows 7 PCs in work areas are set up to use English UK settings. However it is possible to browse most foreign web sites using Internet Explorer or Firefox and to read foreign documents in Microsoft Office 2013.

What should I do if foreign characters on a web page do not display correctly?

Sometimes the browser does not detect the language for the page correctly. In this case from Internet Explorer select:

View > Encoding > choose the correct character set.

In Firefox select:

View > Character Encoding > choose the correct character set.

However you will notice a minor inconvenience that the title bar of the web page will not display correctly for some languages.

If you require assistance with this, please contact the IT Services Helpdesk.

Can I input, edit and spell check foreign language documents on Work Area PCs?

No. The size of the additional language files would have a significant impact on the performance of the PCs and it is therefore not practical to support them on work area PCs.