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Office 365

The University is moving to Office 365 on the IDG Managed Windows 10 Desktop.

Office 365 is now included with the Managed Windows 10 desktop, and has been made available for staff to install themselves from the Software Center.

Moving to the latest version of Office means we will benefit from new features, continued feature updates as well as bug fixes.

Office 365 offers us much better all-round performance – including:

  • Users can work from anywhere
  • Provides robust security and reliability
  • Teams and users can collaborate easily
  • Access the latest features
  • Continue to work with what you know

Important note: We have changed our licensing model for Office and this includes Visio and Project. Users of these applications must request them separately from here or make a request to the IDG Helpdesk on 73737. To use Visio and/or Project a user must upgrade to Office 365. You cannot use 2016 and O365 versions together.

Upgrading to Office 365

As part of the upgrade process, all traces of Office 2016 are removed before Office 365 is installed, including Microsoft Visio and Project. If you think you should have access to Visio or Project but can't see the installers in the Software Centre, please see the Important note above.

Important notes:

  1. Office 365 will not install if an Office 2016 application is open (including Outlook). All Office 2016 applications must be closed.
  2. Once Office 365 is installed your email will not be available to you immediately, it will need to download to your computer. You can use webmail during this time.
  3. For users of an Access Database; please ensure that your database administrator has tested it with Office 365 before upgrading. They (or a nominated tester) should take a copy of the database for testing.
  4. Any Office plugins you may have had will need to be reinstalled; you may have to request assistance to do this; contact the IDG Helpdesk on 73737, and unfortunately there is no guarantee that a plugin that worked with Office 2016 will be compatible with Office 365.

Please note: laptop users off-campus will need to connect over the VPN for Office 365 to become available in the Software Centre and to install it.