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Where do we go next?

The Application Delivery team provide access to applications for staff and students at Warwick. Our goal is to provide applications to our various customer groups when and where they need them. We aim to create a friendly and easy to use IT environment to enhance the staff and student experience.

Recent work and the Immediate future.

The current application delivery methods are stable and perform their function well, but have some limitations. Windows 7 desktops are now well established, but as usual with Microsoft products a newer Operating System is available and the older one will become end of life. As a result our current objectives are:

  1. Release the Managed Windows 10 Desktop to staff computers.
  2. Have a Windows 10 version of our other Windows images (eg. Training team) to meet requirements of each user group and include new versions of licensed applications.
  3. Updating our back-end systems to meet the demands of Windows 10. This involves the updating of SCCM 2012. Some applications may also need to be converted or repackaged as appropriate to work with Windows 10.
  4. Update Kaspersky to the latest version to support newer versions of Windows 10. This will involve a Server upgrade and a client upgrade on all managed computers.
  5. Replace our SLED 12 Linux desktop with one from Centos.
  6. Update the RDS service with newer infrastructure.

We will achieve these objectives by:

  1. Releasing a Managed Windows 10 Desktop for new compters in June as the default option, but still having the Managed Windows 7 Desktop available as an optional install.
  2. Create a Centos Linux desktop to at least replicate the functionality of the existing SLED desktop.
  3. Test and update Kaspersky Server and clients.

The longer-term.

The longer term is far more difficult to provide accurate objectives and solutions for at this stage. What we can be certain of is that the challenges facing the University over the next few years will mean new challenges for IT Services. This is an interesting time for Application Delivery, newer technologies mean that there are more options open to us moving forward and we have the opportunity to meet more of the diverse things that are being asked of us.

The Managed Windows 7 Desktop has gone a long way to providing for the future of application delivery at Warwick. It has created greater stability and reliability, as well as providing a base from which we can support all but the most obscure use cases across the University. but is heading towards its end of life and Windows 10 is the replacement.