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Where do we go next?

The Application Delivery team provide access to applications for staff and students at Warwick. Our goal is to provide applications to our various customer groups when and where they need them. We aim to create a friendly and easy to use IT environment to enhance the staff and student experience.

Recent work and the Immediate future.

The current application delivery methods are stable and perform their function well, but have some limitations. Windows 10 desktops are now well established, and Microsoft now update the Operating System through what they refer to as 'feature updates'. Microsoft releases new feature updates for the Windows 10 operating system twice a year which introduce new features and changes.

As a result our current work includes:

  1. Updating all our Windows images to meet requirements of each user group and include new versions of licensed applications.
  2. Updating our back-end systems to meet the demands of Windows 10 feature updates. This involves the updating of SCCM 2012.
  3. Update Kaspersky to the latest version to support newer versions of Windows 10. This will involve a Server upgrade and a client upgrade on all managed computers to 11.6.
  4. Move to Office 365.
  5. Update the current Linux Desktop and apply encryption. Because of recent changes to Centos we may need to look at using a different Linux distribution.
  6. Implement a VDI desktop for staff on unmanaged computers to get to 365 resources.
  7. Decommission RDS and move functionality to the VDI 'Workspace' desktop.

The longer-term.

The longer term is far more difficult to provide accurate objectives and solutions for at this stage. What we can be certain of is that the challenges facing the University over the next few years will mean new challenges for IT Services. This is an interesting time for Application Delivery, newer technologies mean that there are more options open to us moving forward, but with the introduction of GDPR and the resulting concerns about security there will be a need for an increase in the monitoring of how, where, what data can be accessed from our Managed Desktop computers.