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Workstation Application Delivery

Workstation hardware

Our current suppliers are:

• Dell

• DTP (supplying HP)

• Viglen (supplying their PCs and Toshiba laptops)

• Softcat (supplying Lenovo)

Standard service requests

  1. Provide advice about purchasing new hardware. Contact the IDG helpdesk on 73737 or e-mail 

Responsibilities of the Application Delivery team

  1. Test the Managed Windows 10 Desktop on the 'quick picks' to ensure that they will work and that they are fit for purpose.
  2. Publish a minimum specification for the Managed Windows 10 Desktop.

Please note that 'quick picks' are Desktop and Laptop computers from the recommended suppliers. These are the models that have been tested and our current image build is guaranteed to work on. Other models in the range can be supported, but additional work may be required to make the image work on them which may delay the time taken to have them setup. We strongly recommend that you contact IDG before purchasing other models.*

Responsibilities of the customer

  1. Purchase approved Desktop computers and Laptop computers as published.
  2. Replace desktop computer hardware on a rolling four-year cycle.
  3. Replace laptop hardware on a rolling four-year cycle.
  4. For more information see qo/computerpurchasing

* Owing to resource constraints it is not practical to build one-off models into the image.