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Our Apprentices

Warwick Apprentices

Here at University of Warwick, we are a proud employer of nearly 100 Apprentices in 26 different subject areas. And now we are an award winning employer, having won the Large Employer of Apprentices of the Year Award in the Coventry Freeman Guild Awards 2023 and Apprentice of the Year! Apprenticeships allow new and existing staff at Warwick to access training; address skills gaps within their teams; provide vitality, fresh perspectives and new ideas; as well as develop mentoring skills in existing staff. Read our latest news to keep up to date on all things to do with apprenticeships at Warwick.

Our Stories

We are very proud of our apprentices, each has had their own journey and their own story to tell. We hope you enjoy reading about what its like to undertake an apprenticeship whilst working at University of Warwick.

Amber Liburd

Former Apprentice at the University Nursery

“I wasn’t ready to go to University and wanted the opportunity to earn money while I learnt. It has really helped me to plan my future career."

Ben McQuillan

Former Apprentice Technician Mechanical Engineer

“Working with precision machine tools to fine tolerances required maths skills. I learnt as much as I can across a wide range of mechanical workshop skills whilst also, learning how to get on with different people and adapting to the whole working environment."

Danny Westley

Former Apprentice in Warwick Medical School's Finance Department

“The team were so welcoming, they really made me feel a part of the team. If you put the effort in you’ll enjoy it. You learn so much and you’re treated as an adult."

Emily Carpenter

Former Early Years Apprentice in the University Nursery

“The best thing about the apprenticeship was getting to learn in a supported environment and put my learning straight into practice. I love the fact I gain practical skills as well as a qualification."

Joe Murphy

Former Business Administration Apprentice in Warwick Arts Centre

“My apprenticeship has allowed me to learn a lot about each department and each role whilst gaining practical experience which I believe will really help me in the future."

Leisha Blakeway

Former Apprentice in Warwick Medical School's Marketing Department

“Apprenticeships are a really good idea if you want practical skills and if you attend a good college, you can gain the theory at the same time. This apprenticeship allowed me to obtain the practical aspect of marketing alongside learning."

Natalie Pocock

Former Business Partner Apprentice, Leadership and Management Development (LMD)

“The best thing about the apprenticeship was the mixture of learning methods. It was fast paced, practical, varied and really engaging. I am able to apply learning directly back into the workplace which brought immediate impact."

Tom Moore

Former Manufacturing Engineering Degree Apprentice in WMG

“I love my practical background from my apprenticeships because it gives me a solid foundation to build my career"

Bethany Haynes

Engineering Technician Apprentice in WMG

“I've learnt more in the last four years than in previous jobs as I'm surrounded by people with skills they are willing to share."

Robyn Brookes

Former Business Administration Apprentice, Registrar Group

“Prior to my apprenticeship, I had worked at a call centre. I had also tried University but didn’t find it the right learning environment for me. The apprenticeship route has provided me lot of guidance and engagement. Everyone at Warwick was very supportive and willing to help me."

Emily Brannigan

Current Horticulture Gardener Apprentice Facilities team

"Find an apprenticeship and just do it! I don’t think there’s any better way. You can see every side of the industry at the same time as you’re learning about it."

Divyesh Mistry

Battery Technician in WMG

"I love being able to work from the start of the process right through to the finished product. It's also rewarding to see the product I’ve made is making a difference in the transport industry and in the UK as a whole."

Stephan Kousoulas

Former Apprentice at the International Manufacturing Centre, WMG

“When I started to look into apprenticeship schemes, I realised how many opportunities Warwick could offer me. WMG has many ties with industries and their apprenticeship programme would allow me to become exposed to many engineering disciplines."

Sophia Welby

Former Events Assistant Apprentice in Warwick Arts Centre

“I am so thankful to have found this apprenticeship and be able work at Warwick Arts Centre. The knowledge and skills I have gained are like no other and I cannot wait to see where I go afterwards"

Estates - Various

Hear from three current Estates Apprentices

“Estates is a key department who employ apprentices who are crucial in keeping our campus running"