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Tom Moore

Tom Moore

Tom Moore started in WMG as a advanced technical support apprentice in 2016 and then commenced a second apprenticeship, level 6 degree manufacturing apprenticeship. Tom continues to work in WMG as a Electron Microscopy Technician and in October 2022, Tom also started a part time PhD in engineering part-time alongside his technical role, specifically linked to the effect of residual content in recycled steels.

What made you choose your apprenticeship?

I was studying at WMG Academy and the WMG advanced technical support apprenticeship was an opportunity to continue a hands on way of learning, gain a qualification and start my career in a technical field.

I was then offered the opportunity to continue my learning and development after gaining a full time position, and gain a degree whilst continuing to work at WMG with a level 6 degree manufacturing engineering apprenticeship. You can read

Tom's previous comments

when he was working towards his first apprenticeship.

What is the best thing about doing an apprenticeship?

It’s the hands-on learning approach, getting to put the learning into practice in the workplace. By completing rotational placements, it gives you a chance to experience lots of different areas so you find out what you really enjoy. It also gave me confidence in my abilities through the feedback of others.

In 2021, Tom Moore won the Tata Steel UK Customer Experience Recognition Award, in partnership with Professor Claire Davis, Dr Geoff West and Dr Tara Schiller, all also WMG.

What difference do you think studying via an apprenticeship route makes?

Many of my friends went to University and incurred student debt whereas I have a degree, no debt and multiple years’ experience in my field and it has been the springboard for me securing a PhD opportunity and solidifying my position as a research technical professional.

What advice would you give to others considering an apprenticeship?

You get to experience lots of areas and when you find one that you really enjoy there is often the chance to specialise too.

What are you doing now you have finished your apprenticeship and how has your apprenticeship contributed to this?

Its been brilliant to have the opportunity to do two apprenticeships and gain my degree. I am continuing to work at Warwick in WMG as an Electron Microscopy Technician, implementing advanced microscopy techniques into research and industry projects. I love my practical background from my apprenticeships because it gives me a solid foundation to build my career.