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Statistics Seminar Series

The seminar series and other project activities have now ended. All resources from the project are still available on this website, including presentations and video recordings of all seminar talks, via the 'Seminar Series Programme' link below.

Read the Statistics Series Project Report, detailing the development and outputs of the first year of the Seminar Series.

This project was developed in response to requests from research staff at all levels in a range of disciplines for statistical support training.

We aim has been to encourage the development of statistical analysis in research from the inquisitive and inexperienced to those with specific, technical questions wishing to advance their studies. The programme was offered in addition to existing support in Faculties and Departments.

The project included the provision of lunchtime sessions (with lunch included) once a month and 1-1 support.
The sessions included:

* input on specific techniques and their uses by a specialist in the field
* examples of Research Active Staff using the techniques for particular purposes
* outcomes and issues to consider the challenges involved
* top tips for experienced users

The sessions ran from September 2012 to February 2014 with LDC/EPSRC Enterprise & Entrepreneurship funds. A comprehensive Event Resource Page (including podcasts, presentations and bibliographies) for each session is included in the Seminar Series Programme.