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Statistics Seminar Series Programme

The initial Seminar Series ran from September 2012 to June 2013, with 4 further events in 2013/14. Listed below are details of these past events and links to online resource pages, including video recordings of talks given at each event.




Date & Location

Further Details

1 The Role of Statistical Analysis within a Broader Research Methodology

20th September 2012. 12-2pm.

Session 1 Resource Page

2 Experimental Design

11th October 2012, 12-2pm.

Session 2 Resource Page


Confirmatory Statistics: Identifying, Framing & Testing Hypotheses.

13th November 2012, 12-2pm.

Session 3 Resource Page 


Estimation, Variation and Uncertainty

13th December 2012

Session 4 Resource Page 

5  Exploratory Data Analysis and Multi-variate Strategies

10th January 2013

Session 5 Resource Page

6 Bayesian Modelling and Analysis

25th April 2013

Session 6 Resource page

7 Regression Modelling, Variable Selection and GLMs 

16th May 2013

Session 7 Resource page  

8 Qualitative & Quantitative Analysis. Survey and Questionnaire Design

6th June 2013

Session 8 Resource Page

Session 8 'Examples' Resource Page

9 Measurements, Meaningfulness & Scale Types

26th September 2013

Session 9 Resource Page

10 Big Data and Large-scale Data Analysis

24th October 2013

Session 10 Resource Page


Embedding Statistics Effectively in Research

16th January 2014

Project Planning: Including Statistics Effectively

Statistics and Funding Applications

Statistics Case Study: 1-1 Support

12 Methods to Analyse correlated Data

27th February 2014

Session 11 Resource Page

Researcher Talk