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1 -1 Statistics Support for Research Active Staff


As the Statistics Seminar Series has developed, research active staff have expressed an interest in the possibility of 1-1 support meetings to gain expert advice on statistical design and issues in their research.

As there is clearly a need for this level of support, LDC is providing funding until the end of June 2014 (extended) to enable experts in RISCU (Risk Initiative and Statistical Consulting Unit), and where more appropriate the broader academic community at Warwick, to hold 1-1 meetings to offer advice, mentoring and recommendations on specific research activity.

Such support will be most effective if it is requested early in your project, preferably at the design stage before any data collection or analysis has begun. This service is not designed to analyse data for you.


Upon completing the booking form you will be contacted to briefly discuss your support needs and get an idea of the statistical methods needed. If support can be offered this will progress into a discussion of what materials and data would be needed at or before the 1-1 meeting.

The face to face meetings will last for approximately 1 hour, with the provision of additional email follow up.

Please note that in return for the provision of support, LDC would require the submission of a brief case study, to be completed with some final input from the academic providing the support. This should describe the nature of your research, and how the statistical support has helped to focus or develop your work.

Please note that 1-1 statistics support meetings are no longer available.

If you have any queries please contact Lisa Lavender: 

(Statistics Seminar Series Project Officer)