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List of Statistical Software Available at Warwick

This list of statistical software has been compiled (during April 2013) to help researchers identify statistical tools that may help in their projects. We appreciate that systems change regularly and would be grateful of updates, both advising of new software availability or change in licences and of the removal of any from Warwick systems.

It should be recognised that many of the systems share functionality and the use of any alternative system is a matter of preference. Thus we do not offer any opinions on the quality or relative value of different systems.

The full list of software licences at the University can be found at:

We have identified three different types of software: general purpose statistical software (general statistical); statistical packages designed for a specific set of functions (specific statistical); and general purpose packages with some statistical functionality (general packages). The type of software will be clearly noted upon making a software selection from the list below.

Statistical software packages often find favour in particular disciplines because they have been or were originally written for work in a particular discipline. Because of this, we indicate the history and origins of packages as we know them to indicate fit with disciplines.

There is a useful list of software on Wikipedia: see

An up-to-date list of the software packages (PDF Document) offered for downloading/print purposes.

Please select a title from the list below to view a summary of information and then click on the link heading to go to a page of further information.

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