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Guidance on International Research Projects

international research

The University of Warwick is a global university that is passionate about building enduring international partnerships. International collaborations are the basis of Warwick’s world-leading impactful research and are essential to broadening knowledge and tackling some of the most pressing global challenges.

We recognise that our continued excellence across all disciplines relies on the ability to develop and maintain our wide ranging international research links that build equitable partnerships. However, we understand that planning and carrying out international research has additional complexities, so to support our research community, we have developed these guidance pages which will navigate you through what to consider when working with international partners across the project life-cycle, as well as providing details of key contactsLink opens in a new window.

All collaborations must operate to the University’s high standards of research integrity, as set out in the institutional Research Code of Practice, and work within external governance frameworks and ‘best practice’ guidance such as The Concordat to Support Research Integrity and the UK’s Trusted Research Agenda.