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Management Information

Ideate holds rich management information on University research applications and awards, which can be reported upon by year, academic department, researcher, status and a number of other measures. This data can help with planning and reviews.

Reports run at the beginning of each month through out the year to track research outputs include:

  • Research applications and awards by number and value.
  • Application and award levels by department and/or faculty.
  • Application and award levels by funder and HESA category for research sectors.

Frequently requested reports include all of the above as well as:

  • Application and award levels broken down by staff to show activity levels.
  • Data to monitor strategic research objectives such as funding calls and various research-related initiatives such as RTP and GRP projects.

Reports are available to be run by R&IS at any time, and are usually made available within the same day they are requested. Frequent and reoccuring reports are also available to provide regular updates of research activity across the University, designed to support departmental monitoring and planning.

Any requests for reports should be sent to

Ideate also feeds data through to the University Research Dashboards