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How do I apply for Ethical Approval?

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Once you have established that ethical approval will be required for your project, you will need to apply for and receive full ethical approval before beginning any aspect of the work involving human participants, their data or tissue. Ethical approval cannot be granted retrospectively, so it is important to consider the ethical review process, and the time it takes, when planning your project.

Which committee do I need to apply to?

The Committee you will need to apply to depends on which Faculty you are based in:

Staff based in the Faculty of Science, Engineering and Medicine (excluding Psychology) should apply to BSREC.

Staff in the Faculties of Arts and Social Sciences, and the department of Psychology, should apply to HSSREC.

The same designation applies to student research but in many cases, the review of student research is delegated to the department. Students should check with their department in the first instance to see if they have a delegated ethical review process. If the department has no review process in place, students will need to submit their application to BSREC/HSSREC.

The application and review process for both Committees is the same but each Committee is comprised of experts from their respective Faculties.

What types of review do I need?

BSREC and HSSREC undertake ethical review of all projects on a proportionate basis according to a risk-assessed triage process. There are two main routes through which applications will be reviewed; a Full review or a Light Touch review.

How to apply