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Rob Daniel 2016 mentor group

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This form will post an initial welcome message to the Mentor Communications page of . You will also be "subscribed" to that page, meaning you will receive email notifications when the student posts a reply to any of your messages, and when the student marks an e-portfolio task as "completed".

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Name Usercode Email address Status Department  
Andrew Brown maunbl Student Mathematics Remove
Alexandra Brown-Wallace u1534573 Student PAIS Remove
Eu Meng Chong u1401203 Student Mathematics Remove
Lewis Mosby phungd Student Physics Remove
Alicia Newman launif Student School of Law Remove
Sarah Nowell maunff Student Mathematics Remove
Alex Orr phunfi Student Physics Remove
Josh Parkin u1413548 Student Chemistry Remove
Tansy Parkinson u1425108 Student Theatre Studies Remove
Rajesh Patel phunfx Student Physics Remove
Tom Pearson esunip Student School of Engineering Remove
Kostyantyn Shvydkyy maunil Student Mathematics Remove
Tom Simons phundy Student Physics Remove
Harry Tunstall u1504767 Student Chemistry Remove
Matt Turner u1401987 Student Mathematics Remove
Kieran Uzzell phundz Student Physics Remove
Madhavan Venkatesh u1417688 Student Mathematics Remove
Ben Windsor u1430726 Student Mathematics Remove
Ma¿gorzata Wojtala u1418322 Student School of Engineering Remove
Chloe Wynne hyunjp Student History Remove
Yang Zhang u1403671 Student Physics Remove