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URSS: Student Stories

Learn about the experiences of other students who have undertaken the URSS.

Tra My Insua Luu

Tra My Insua Luu


School of Law

  French Colonial influence on Vietnam's Legal System

"The URSS experience has allowed me to branch out of the confines of the university's academic resources and travel to Vietnam to conduct research on a subject I was truly passionate about. I walked into the experience nervous, unsure and unprepared, yet by the end I have not only become acquainted with a new research method and new academic resources, but also gained a lot of confidence in myself and my own abilities.

As one of the biggest self-initiated projects I have embarked on during my academic journey, the URSS project has been very time-consuming and at times stressful. However, it has proved itself incredibly rewarding to finally be able to see the result of over two months of dedication and academic discovery at a showcase event by the end of the experience, especially when I am able to display an interesting aspect of my home culture to a wider audience."